Original Art by Local Artist Vladimir Demidovich


Born in Kok-Yangak, Kyrgyzstan in 1951, Vladimir studied for five years at the Kyrgyzstan Art College. He started his new life in 2004 by moving to the United States. He now lives with his wife and two sons in Greenville, SC. His inspiration comes from his world travels where he has been exposed to many beautiful scenes and places that inspires his vision. He uses oils, pastels and charcoals to create with his preferred style being impressionism. Vladimir's art is influenced by the expressionist and impressionist painters at the Hermitage Museum and the Louvre whom painted their artworks freely and without any borders.
" Whether it's a special place that touches them or a personal memory, my goal when I paint is to create a lasting impression the viewer will cherish forever. "
Peace Center 43x24
Greenville Skyline 65 1/2 x 32
Peace Center Courtyard 26x31
Falls Park on the Reedy 30x30
Falls Park 30x30
Liberty Bridge 30x40
Downtown Greenville Streetscene 16x20
Reedy River at Night 16x20
Greenville Wyche Pavillion 24x36
Greenville Riverplace 22x28
Downtown Greenville 16x20
Downtown Greenville Panoramic 43x24
Reedy River Upper Falls 30x30
Downtown Greenville at Night 19x22
Riverplace Greenville SC 16x20
Rock Quarry Park 23x27
Reedy River 24x30

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The artwork in our gallery ranges from local, national and international artists, and includes a wide variety of mediums, from original oils or acrylic to photography or posters. If you don't see exactly what you are seeking in our gallery, we will take the time to help you find and special order the piece you are looking for. Whether you are looking for an original painting of an Italian countryside or a beautiful photograph of our local mountains, we have it all!

National & International Artists

  • Hessam Abrishami
  • Sabzi
  • Ann Packard
  • Viktor Shvaiko
  • Z.L. Feng

Art Options:

  • Original Paintings
  • Art Reproductions
  • GiclĂ©e Prints
  • Photography
  • Limited Edition Prints
  • Posters
  • Watercolors

Local & Regional Artists:

  • Bill Robertson
  • Dick Mitchell
  • Janina Tukarski-Ellis
  • Cham Little
  • Renato Moncini
  • Mike Tiddy
  • Vladimir Demidovich
  • Pavel Nikichenko

Original Watercolor by Mike Tiddy
Original Watercolor by Mike Tiddy
Pavel Nikichenko 24x40
Pavel Nikichenko 18x24
Pavel Nikichenko 11x14
Pavel Nikichenko 11x14
Pavel Nikichenko 11x14
Pavel Nikichenko 22x22
Pavel Nikichenko 22x22
Pavel Nikichenko 11x14
Pavel Nikichenko 11x14
Pavel Nikichenko 12x12
Pavel Nikichenko 12x12
G. Prattillo "Italia" 19x24
Oil by Qixian 36x36